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Securing your property is our business

Security of your caravan, motorhome or trailer is our business and has been for 20 years.

We have an electronic gate system with fobs.

We have a system of locked gates for nighttime security.

1080p cctv monitored from the house nearly 24/7

Ring doorbell and chime in house for motion detection and customer point of call

We know that the safety of your caravan is a major consideration when it to comes to choosing a caravan storage site. At Swindon Caravan Storage we understand this and make it our priority too.

Due to our secluded location, no caravans can be seen from any nearby roads. The site is also enclosed completely by hedges and we have a system of locked gates to secure the only access route. The site is constantly monitored by CCTV.

We also live on site and work next to the storage facility so can monitor caravan movements from the kitchen window. In addition, a member of our staff patrols the site 3-4 times per day.

To see for yourself book an appointment with us through our “Contact us”page!

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